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Conveniently located at 242 Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD, GHIN KHAO THAI FOOD is frequented by hungry shoppers, local Thais, tourists, city workers & students, all enjoying traditional Thai favourites such as Phad Thai Goong, Gai Phad Bai Kaprow or Somtum; in addition to other unique adaptations including Chicken grilled on Lemongrass Sticks and Grilled Chicken & Bean Sprout salad wrapped in an Egg Net.

Ghin Khao is a leading authentic Thai restaurant in Melbourne CBD.  In 2013 Ghin Khao Thai restaurant was awarded with Thai Select certification, recognising Ghin Khao for serving authentic Thai cuisine, awarded by the Royal Thai Government.

In 2016 Ghin Khao Thai restaurant was announced as a finalist in the Savour Australia Awards for excellence, in the category of Best Asian Restaurant.

Ghin Khao was so thrilled to be included amongst some of Melbourne CBD’s most renowned Asian restaurants.

Download Our Menu

For your convenience, download our menu here to assist with your meal selection.

Our Meals

Our meals contain plenty of fresh ingredients bursting with Thai flavours; & perfectly balanced hot, sour, sweet & salty tastes.  All meals at GHIN KHAO THAI FOOD are prepared once you place your order, with the freshest high quality ingredients available.  If you want a good dose of chilli, just advise your waiter you’d like your meal prepared “Thai Taste”.

Clean, Modern Restaurant

A clean, modern restaurant with a bustling ground floor opening onto Swanston Street with great views of both the “flaming” woks in the rear kitchen and all the passers-by. Upstairs, there is a more relaxed dining room able to accommodate large groups, with pleasant views outside into the leafy green tree canopy along Swanston Street.

Meal Time

GHIN KHAO in Thai language means “eat food” or more precisely “eat rice”.  The everyday translation of Ghin Khao is “meal time”. In Thai language the way to invite your friends or family to share a meal is to say “GHIN KHAO”. One of Melbourne’s leading Thai restaurants, GHIN KHAO THAI FOOD is a must for all Thais visiting Melbourne. GHIN KHAO THAI FOOD continues to be owned and operated by the same creative & management team, which opened the restaurant in January 2007.

In 2017 Ghin Khao Thai restaurant is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Swanston St, Melbourne CBD. Over the last 10 years, Ghin Khao has become well known to city shoppers, Thai visitor to Melbourne CBD, city workers & international students for quality & inexpensive Thai food.

Ghin Khao is so thrilled to continue serving authentic Thai food to Melbournians in no better location in Melbourne CBD than Swanston Street.

Ghin Khao Thai Food

Ghin Khao Thai Food Melbourne is the most unique and highest rated Thai Restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. Established for over ten years and widely acknowledged as the best Thai restaurant in Melbourne, CBD for selling fresh and flavourful Thai cuisine. Ghin Khao is mouth-watering, delicious and moderately priced; making for the best Thai Food all year round.

Situated in an easily accessible area for general convenience, Ghin Khao is located on 242 Swanston Street in Melbourne, CBD. Everyone in Melbourne is sure to come to taste the real flavours of Thai food. Whether you’re a local Thai-Aussie, a tourist, a student or the CEO of a large company, you are sure to enjoy the delicious exotic fare we renowned to offer.

Ghin Khao is a great Thai restaurant in CBD, Melbourne, equipped with every element that makes it a foremost dining experience, from first-class service to outstanding Thai cuisine. We offer a flavourful menu and all-time Thai favourites including our popular Phad Thai Goong, Gai Phad Bai Kaprow or Somtum. We also offer more interesting Thai specialities such as Chicken grilled Lemongrass Sticks and Grilled Chicken & Bean Sprout salad wrapped in an Egg Net.

Our Meals

No one knows Thai flavors and food preparations the way we do. As a leading Thai restaurant in Melbourne, CBD, we make sure to use the freshest produce available in the market. Providing you an experience to tantalize your taste buds like never before. Brimming with authentic Thai flavour and spices, we know how to give each dish the balance of tangy, sweet, spicy and sour all in the one dish. We know that you will enjoy each and every bite and will be visiting again and again!

All our meals are fresh and flavourful prepared when you place an order and served hot and steaming – perfect in satisfy those hunger pangs, we will take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride of hot and spicy to tangy and sweetness! Sounds good? All you have to do is say the word, instruct your waiter that you would like your meal to be prepared in the ultimate Thai taste, spicy or not and voila!

A Clean, Modern Restaurant

Being a widely frequented Thai restaurant in Melbourne, CBD, we have made it easy for local Aussies, to get a taste of Thailand’s exotic and glamorous cultural cuisine. Yes, our menu is exceptional and we make no compromises with food standards and quality, because it is our motto to serve our customers with the best tasting Thai dishes, in the best setting and at the best possible price. We are also very particular about cleanliness; yes, there is no compromise there!. Gin Khao has a very modern day upbeat trendy look and feel to its ambiance, décor and overall outlook. You will surely enjoy your dine in meal. For those who prefer to dine in the comfort of their own homes, we offer takeaway and delivery. It really cannot get better or more convenient than that!

When it comes to Melbourne Thai restaurants in CBD and beyond, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better dining option than Ghin Khao. Our restaurant boasts a hustling and bustling ground floor opening right onto Swanston Street. The location affords a wonderful view of our kitchen so our diners can see the real magic happening behind the scenes. With a close-up view of flaming hot woks and garnishing of Thai spices, not to mention the aroma of exoticness in the air, you are sure to be salivating while your meal is being freshly prepared to satisfy your hunger urges.

While this is the part of our downstairs arrangement, we also have a great atmosphere in the upper portion, providing a relaxed and beautiful dining room that caters to larger groups of family, friends and loved ones who set out to share the wonderful experience of Thai food at the best Thai restaurant in town. Not to mention a wonderful view of Melbourne’s greenery, leaves and tree canopies alongside Swanston Street.

Meal Time

At Ghin Khao, we have created an authentic Thai ambience so our diners feel they are actually in Thailand. Our brand Ghin Khao is translated into ‘eat food’ or ‘eat rice’ in the Thai language, as Thai food mostly consists of rice. Looking over the universal meaning, Ghin Khao means ‘meal time’, and in Thai language, that’s how we teach you to invite your family and friends for a meal! The leading restaurant of Thai food in Melbourne, Ghin Khao is just where you should be for your mealtime, be that early morning, during the day or for a tempting dinner that you just can’t skip! Owned and operated by a unique and professional management team, Ghin Khao opened in 2007 and has been serving quality and excellence ever since.

About Our Food

In order for guests to develop a unique taste, it is essential for our guests to understand the true difference and specialty of Thai food in general. Although Thai food is well known for its spiciness including sour, salty, sweet and bitter, this is a true art to balance them accordingly and make them combine together to transform into a pack of flavoursome yumminess. This goes way beyond simply throwing ingredients all together into one dish, it includes the skill of incorporating flavours that compare and contrast and create a variety of Thai dishes.

One very distinctive aspect of Thai food is the fresh produce and use of fresh herbs, spices and ingredients that creates the wonderful taste of Thai cuisine. We at Ghin Khao also include our secret recipes of fermented fish sauce that further enhances almost every dish on our menu. While other Thai restaurants specialise in some limited Thai dishes, we specialise in all of them.

Thai food is an all-time favourite and is internationally popular, and that’s why we at Ghin Khao make sure our Aussie customers get the best of Thai flavours in downtown Melbourne. We offer both hot as well as not so spicy food dishes so that everyone can ask for  their level of hotness and order accordingly. As an authentic Thai restaurant in Melbourne, CBD, we perform some uniquely Thai cooking tricks with our woks and skillets, serving you the most delicious dishes you’ve ever had!

Alongside our brand meaning, our tagline is harmony. That’s right! Harmony is the guiding principle behind every dish we create. Apart from this, each dish is made with the utmost love and attention to reach the peak of Thai culinary perfection. Thai food itself is a unique bond of both western and eastern infused flavouring that you just have to feel that mix to know it’s Thai.

Our chefs are masters at Thai cooking and have some great tricks up their sleeves to ensure the meal you’re served is the best you’ve eaten. At Ghin Khao, we aim to serve you food made with utmost perfection and attention to detail. Our dishes are a reflection and characteristic of  Thai lifestyle and Thai culture so whether you prefer fish, chicken, pork or beef, we have it all. All you need to do is take your pick.

Our cooking techniques

We use both modern as well as traditional methods and techniques of cooking. From small cuts to large chunks, sizzled to deep fry or boil, skinned or simmered, we know how to create that genuine Thailand experience. Incorporating the benefits both cooking styles, traditionally we occasionally adopt the cooking techniques of baking, stewing and grilling.  We also use modern methods like frying, stir frying and deep frying as well. We have culinary experts who know how to prepare a dish suited to your taste buds. The results will leave you amazed!

We infuse a range of healthy and wholesome natural ingredients to prepare our delicacies. Spices, herbs and seasonings are infused to prepare signature dishes fit for royalty. Our menu offers a wholesome Thai experience. With some of Thailand’s classic favourites on the list, such as Tom Yum Soup, Thai Noodle Soup and Chicken Satay, we truly do bring a taste of that exotic culture right to your very table. That way, your taste buds can savour these delicious flavours and savour their zing and aroma without having to leave the shores of Australia.

We make sure to use a very balanced palette of flavours. Our spices are neither too spicy nor too bland. Raw, overpowering spices are tempered by adding fresh and fragrant herbs like galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Every ingredient is thrown into the wok and cooked over roaring flames until it’s literally bursting with flavour.

The key to our success is that we allow our customers to enjoy a diverse dining experience. Spicy and herbal textures are blended together perfectly so as to create a unique and delicious palette you’ll rarely find anywhere else. Our menu is complete with soups, noodles, curries, seafood and salads. Once you’ve eaten your fill of our delectable main courses, a decadent, classic dessert awaits your taste buds. Incorporating beloved Thai ingredients like coconut, banana, rice and black beans, our dessert menu will leave you licking your fingers.

Our menu

Authenticity lies at the very heart of Ghin Khao. We make sure to offer you a genuine taste of Thailand through our diverse menu that offers something for everyone. Our dishes are an appetising blend of sweet and sour, spicy and subtle. We excel in our presentation. Our chefs are peerless when it comes to making outstanding first impressions. Every dish is prepared with painstaking effort, and every ingredient, be it a sprig of thyme or a piece of chicken, is arranged with such intricate detail that the end result is truly a work of art. We make sure all courses are served fresh, organic and piping hot so as to enhance their taste and flavour.

Thailand is a country of diversity where different cuisines have been shaped by multiple cultures and influences. We incorporate that very assortment into our menu. From Thai Fish Cakes to Vegetable Curry Puffs, from Fish Coconut Soup to Tom Yum Prawns, from Waterfall Beef Salad to Green Chicken Curry, our dishes are absolutely scrumptious and mouthwatering. Even the pickiest eaters will be hard-pressed to find fault with our menu!

Our menu is a mix of dishes that infuses the very best of Thai ingredients and flavours. Instead of serving the same clichéd meals, we believe the trick is to keep experimenting so that the dishes are both authentic and modern. Each course on our list fuses that essential zest that has put Thailand on the food map, but also incorporates a unique and modern taste that is purely Ghin Khao.

A final word…

If you value authentic Thai fine dining amidst a pleasant ambience, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff welcome you with open arms and beckon you towards a culinary experience you won’t forget anytime soon. You will be served tasty appetisers, steamy main courses and sinful desserts, all arranged to perfection. Best of all, when you dine at Ghin Khao, you won’t have to wait too long for your meal. Our chefs are experts in Thai cooking and are able to whip up your selected dish in no time at all.

Your entire Ghin Khao experience, from the instant you step inside to the moment you leave, is catered to perfection. Our staff are highly attentive, courteous and friendly, and they make sure no annoying snags or delays dim your mood and darken your dining pleasure. We promise you impeccable service and an excellent meal every time you dine at our celebrated establishment.

GHIN KHAO THAI FOOD for 10 years has been serving freshly cooked, modestly priced, authentic Thai food 365 days of the year.
At Ghin Khao we are serious about customer service & food quality. Get in touch with us using the feedback form provided.